Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Welcome! I am an amateur designer of electronic circuits. I have designed a few amplifiers and other useful circuits and would like to share them with everyone who is interested. Feel free to use any of the circuits on this page and please use them for personal gain. The designs posted have not all been tested but sooner or later I will run extensive tests. Build these circuits at your own expense. If they don't work, or you blow up your house with one, it is not my fault. I do not guarantee that these circuits work. They all work in theory and simulation, but who can trust simulations? Enjoy.

I have built a number of amplifiers since starting this blog. Notably a few 35W stereo amplifiers based on the design I posted for the 135W amplifier (except the NPN input version). Quite similar to the 30W design I posted, except that short circuit protection bit in there isn't useful. One of the 35W amplifiers has been going for about 5 years. The other about 6. Both are doing great and sound amazing. One belongs to my brother, and was first used to power a pair of active speakers. It is now built into a box and is powering a pair of Monitor Audio BX2s (wow). My one has been powering my Celestions for some time now. I built the 21W amplifier I posted here and it worked perfectly fine. It's still somewhere, but the speaker burnt out some time ago and I didn't have a use for the monitor anymore. I've built other amplifiers, and I am now building the 135W listed and a 20W stereo. I might post the design for the 20W one sometime.

Maybe I'll start a new page with designs I have actually built. I'll have to dig up old hard drives to find my original designs for the 35W and 150W amplifiers. I hope this blog becomes filled with a few more designs. And I still maintain my MAK is the best design I've built. Maybe one day I'll put the amplifier schematic up.